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Host an Ice Cream Fundraiser in Texas

Services-Henry’s Ice Cream for quality, value and consistency to make an impact in your community

Ice Cream Fundraiser

Tired of selling chocolates? Sick of washing cars? For organizations needing a change of pace when it comes to raising money.

Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream new fundraiser is as easy as pie.


Book us for 1.5 hours and we will give you 15% of your total sale back. Invite everyone! We will calculate and write you a check. EASY! SWEET!


Henry’s Homemade Ice cream has great coupon books for sale at $1.50 each.
You may sell them for $6.00 a book and bank the profits-that’s $4.50 a book for you.
Minumum purchase is 50 books.

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Want a taste of Texas' Best Homemade
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