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Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream Awards Plano Texas

Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream puts Texas on the map with Nationwide Awards


Henry’s Ice Cream competes nationwide each year in various Ice Cream completion and is always a winner in some ice cream flavor category. For recent victories give Henry a call 972-943-3639 he would love to talk to you, this way you would know your business is serving and award winning ice cream.

Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream Celebrates 25 Years

By the Entrée Dallas – December 22, 2011Posted in: Specialty Vendors

HENRY’S wins awards every year for his homemade ice cream.

  • At the 2001 National Ice Cream competition, HENRY’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM finish in First Place for their new flavor Butterscotch Blast.
  • Best Ice Cream – Plano Profile
  • Awarded the Forrest Mock National Ice Cream Award 2005
  • “D” Magazine 2002 Best ICE CREAM in the metroplex!

Here is more of HENRY’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM numerous awards:

ChocolateNational Ice Cream Championships in Lexington, KY2nd. Place2014
Homemade VanillaAll Natural2nd. Place2013
ChocolateAll Natural2nd. Place2013
Homemade VanillaAll Natural2nd. Place2012
StrawberryAll Natural2nd. Place2012
StrawberryAll Natural2nd. Place2011
ChocolateAll Natural2nd. Place2010
Mexican VanillaAll Natural2nd. Place2010
Homemade VanillaAll Natural2nd. Place2008
ChocolateAll Natural2nd. Place2008
Promotion of the yearPlano Texas1st. Place2007
Best Nut FlavorSen. Shapiro’s TX Parline1st. Place2006
Mock Memorial AwardBest Ice Cream in America1st Place2005
Sen. Shapiro’s TX ParlineOfficial Ice Cream of Texas1st. Place2005
Best New FlavorWedding Cake1st. Place2004
Homemade VanillaAll Natural2nd. Place2004
ChocolateAll Natural2nd. Place2004
Best Ice CreamD Magazine1st. Place2003
Best Banana SplitD Magazine1st. Place2003
French Silk VanillaAll Natural1st. Place2003
ChocolateAll Natural1st. Place2002
Homemade VanillaAll Natural2nd. Place2002
Coffee DerivativeBailey’s Irish Cream2nd. Place2001
Best New FlavorPumpkin Cashew1st. Place2000
Best of Texas DessertCinnamon Ice Cream2nd. Place1995

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