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Difference between Shakes and Milk Shakes


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There’s always something new and exciting going on at Henry’e Homemade Ice Cream. We’re out and about all year long sponsoring events, making appearances and, of course, bringing smiles to ice cream lovers all across the area. Plus, we’re continually developing new products to make more of life’s moments even better. Check back often to see what’s new with us!

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Purchase your Milk Shakes at THE GREAT OUTDOORS SUB SHOPS. The Difference between Shakes &Milk Shakes?? Many companies offer a product that looks like a Milk Shake, but it is actually a Shake. The difference lies in the fact that Milk Shakes contain Milk as an ingredient while Shakes are (usually) powder based and are mixed with water & churned & frozen. That is right; I said “mixed with water”. Why do you think they are so cheap? Water is free and what is the nutritional value of water? Do yourself a flavor. Purchase a real Milk Shake & enjoy it! Some companies even make the Shake sound good by calling the Shake a, “Frosty, Chiller, a Concoction, etc. “Do not be fooled.

HENRY’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM has won numerous National Ice Cream Awards since1992 — Including Homemade Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry.These Ice Creams are the bases for our Milk Shakes. We actually use the Ice Cream – not a powder.Our FED EX driver, Lonnie, who travels the metoplex far & wide, says HENRY’S Shakes are terrific!! Sign here. Another great place to purchase Real Milk Shakes is at THE GREAT OUTDOORS SUB SHOP. Their Milk Shakes contain HENRY’S ICE CREAM because we manufacture their Ice Cream to their specifications.There are8 GREAT OUTDOOR SUB SHOPS in the metroplex. Find the shop nearest you & order a Milk Shake & one of their great sandwiches or salads. You will be glad you did! They are a Small Business & have been in business for 40 years! Contact them at:


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